Amazfit Bip Smartwatch 2021

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch in 2021

The amaze fit tip all of us that are into sports or want to get into them have considered getting a fitness watch. However, there’s a wide range of products available right now delivering interesting features and performance that you may or may not need for that reason.

it’s important to get to know them first for those that are shopping in the budget range. I would recommend the Amaze fit tip.

The Amaze fit flip has been one of the most popular smartwatches in the market for a variety of reasons but notably, it was its amazing performance attractive design all at an affordable price that delivers excellent value for its price.


A very lightweight Fitness watch that has everything you desire from a SmartWatch a super safe choice the Amaze. Fitbit looks pretty much like a more affordable Apple watch with its square shape with rounded edges and a design language that’s minimal and will fit in with every style.


Notable Features

Ultra-Long Battery Life.
Sleep Monitoring.

It has soft silicone straps that wrap around your wrist excellently and will deliver a great fit regardless of your wrist size.

I have to mention one of the biggest selling points of the Amaze. Fitbit it’s one point one-ounce weight which will make you forget that it was even there in the first place but don’t mistake it for a fragile device since.


It’s packed with a 2.5 D Gorilla Glass on the display ip68 rating against the elements such as wind and water and so much more, One of my favorite features of this device is a variety of sensors in its body that deliver a great fitness tracking experience.


The sensor the list includes a three-axis accelerometer GPS, GLONASS, compass, heart rate sensor, and a barometer to deliver.

an amazing amount of data and stats it runs on a simple operating system that’ll sync with every smartphone regardless of the OS and delivers a very intuitive experience.


An overall foolproof interface like a proper Fitness watch. This particular device precisely tracks your activities by making use of its wide variety of sensors. I like that it delivered great stats and my heart rate Steph speed distance and so much more allowing you to set fitness goals.

I was really surprised that it delivered everything that is promised in the price range without any bugs or gimmicks a true Fitness watch experienced.

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Very lightweight

Look like Apple Watch style

Comfortable to use

Inbuilt GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, notifications

Reasonable price

Amazing value

An excellent Stylish design


Graphics are low resolution

Lacks music storage

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