Best Round Glass Coffee Tables 2019 – Top 5 Products Review

When you have guests at home and you want to serve coffee, what would you do? Or, maybe you want to spend time with your family members and drink some coffee. In both cases, you need to serve the coffee on a good table. Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, features, and prices. Among them, the most popular style is the round glass table. They look great in any room and give a good appearance.

Choosing the best round glass coffee tables could be tough for someone who doesn’t have much time. You need to spend hours on research to get the best deal. But here I already have done the research and selected the top 5 products for you.

Top 5 Round Glass Coffee Table

#1. WE Furniture AZF36ALCTGGD Modern Round Coffee Accent Table


The living room of your home needs to have a good look that gives a good appearance to anyone. So, if you want to buy the best round coffee tables for your living room, you need to be careful. WE Furniture AZF36ALCTGGD is specially designed for a living room that comes with a good look and best price.

This is a 36-inch table that can accommodate the snacks and the coffee cups on it. The table has a durable glass on the top and it is attached with a metal frame. Durable frame and glass ensure heavy strength. Maximum weight capacity of the table is 50 lbs. So, there is no issue with how many things do you want to store.

It doesn’t require much assembling. You can complete the assembling with a few steps.

Why Did I Like This Product?
  • Larger area on the top for storage
  • Heavily durable with glass and metal frame
  • Perfect for any space
  • Lightweight design for transport


#2. Sauder 417830 Int Lux Coffee Table Round, Glass / Gold Finish

Do you care about the space on the table most? Want to have the right deal within an affordable price? Then I will strongly recommend the Sauder 417830 round glass coffee table. It comes with a nice looking glass and a golden finished metal frame.

For longevity of the table, it comes with heavy construction. Top-quality metal and high capacity glass ensure strength. It can hold heavyweight without any issues. Besides the coffee cups, you may need to store some other utensils on the table. It will easily accommodate everything. Dimension of this table is W: 35.984″xD: 35.984″xH: 16.496″.

You will receive the frame and glass separately. Once you get it, you can complete the assembling with a few steps and it won’t take much time. You don’t have to use heavy tools for it.

Why Did I Like This Product?
  • Golden finish for a classy look
  • Suitable to use in all areas of your home
  • Wider storage area on the top to take a heavy load
  • Durable glass for preventing breaking
  • Easy assembling without heavy tools


#3. Sauder 414970 Harvey Park Coffee Table, Black/Clear Glass

Minimal budget is not a big issue to buy the glass top round coffee tables if you know what to look for in the product. An example of such a product is the Sauder 414970 that comes at an affordable price. However, it doesn’t mean that price is low means quality is bad. Rather, this item contains all the essential features that you want to have in a coffee table.

It comes with a dimension of L: 35.98″ x W: 35.98″ x H: 16.50″ that is just perfect to fit in any space of your home. The black finish of the frame looks classy and suits any home décor. The table comes with mainly two parts which are the tempered glass and the frame. Both are durable enough to provide extreme strength to hold heavyweight.

Its tempered glass top attached with the frame perfectly. If you assemble properly, this table will sustain for a longer time.

Why Did I Like This Product?
  • Requires a very basic assembling
  • Metal construction with a black finish for a classy look
  • Ideal to use in living room
  • Space-saving design to fit in a small area
  • Safety-tempered glass top for longevity

#4. New Geometric Glass Nesting Coffee Tables in Gold


Sometimes, a single glass table is not enough for your living room. You may want to store additional things on the table but there is less space. If so, you should go for this item that comes from New Geometric. You will get two tables in this package. One is larger and the other one is in a small size.

It is recommended for people who are looking for the best small coffee tables. You can use the smaller one occasionally and the larger one for regular usages. Instead of traditional frame style, it comes in a different style. The shape and the gold finish of the frame bring a unique look. Moreover, the metal frame is heavily durable.

The tempered glass is designed for storing lots of things on it. if you take care of the glass, these tables would serve the best for years.

Why Did I Like This Product?
  • A budget deal for the users
  • Two heavy-duty tables in one set
  • The unique style of the metal frame
  • The golden finish looks classy and suits anywhere

#5. Coaster 705218-CO Round Glass Top Coffee Table, Sandy Black


When you have a good interior in the living room, it deserves a good coffee table. If you are looking for such a product but with an affordable price, Coaster 705218-CO round coffee table is highly recommended for you. it comes in a unique look.

There is a wheel under the table that brings a different look in the entire room. The wheel is a real bike tire. The glass and the metal frame both are heavily durable for longevity. It is mainly ideal for your living room.

The table has enough space on the top for storage. It requires a little bit of complex assembling, however, you can do it yourself.

Why Did I Like This Product?
  • Black finish for a classy look
  • Real bike tire under the glass top
  • Durable metal frame for longevity
  • Expert assembling option is available

Final Verdict

These are the best round glass coffee tables in the market currently. All these products have the most competitive price and top features. Just check them to identify which one meets your requirements and get it.

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