Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk Review

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk Review

With a boost furniture cable, the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk combines an excellent build quality and a fantastic look.

with many useful features that will transform the international office into a new and modern one.

From a design perspective the keyboard when full the example measures 59.45 x 59.45 x 30.16 inches and weighs 77.4 pounds.

which makes it capable enough to hold a lot of stuff without any problems.

The cab features the luxurious chrome finished construction and is accompanied by concealed storage cabinet.

It has a fluted glass door a box Drawer, a wire management system, an open store itself, and even a smartphone tray but each of them plays a significant part in your overall user experience.

You will not only have space for your desktop PC, laptop, or do more to set up.


Key Features of Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk:

Key Features:

  • Excellent build quality and a fantastic look.
  • Built-in many useful features.
  • Luxurious chrome finished construction.
  • Have a smartphone tray.
  • Integrated 4 port USB hub.


You would also be fully equipped with plenty of important works to places such as papers, smartphones,

and other similar stuff which will make you a lot more productive and organized.

For example, you can divide your accessories into each of the compartments.

So, you will always know where you have your stuff and have instant access to them but what is so unique about the keyboard.

It is an integrated 4 port USB hub that will allow you to connect plenty of peripherals and keep your smartphone always charged.


I would also like to mention that Cabot’s L-shaped design wouldn’t occupy a huge part of your appease phase

since as you know desks such as this one are positioned mostly at the corners.


The only view marks some people have is assembly time which is always connected to the user skill but if you’re not a professional then you can expect to spend an hour or two to fully assemble it.


Overall, should consider this desk seriousness your next purchase 2 3 smart features, handsome look, and the superb build quality that guarantees a long time of usage to finish off.

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